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We are blessed with excellent schools, teachers, administrators, students, and parents in our community.

Our schools in District 15 are among some of the top in the state. The growth in our area has caused additional needs for structural improvements and additions. Our leaders and faculty do an excellent job ensuring these needs do not negatively impact our kids.

This past season has been challenging, but our faculty and administration have risen to the challenge. As a city leader, I have advocated for and voted for our schools to receive the funding they need. As your next State Representative, I will continue fighting to protect our schools' funding and ensure our students' and teachers' success.

It is more important now than ever to be proactive, working to see our kids are prepared for their future and progressing towards successful next steps, be it moving to first grade, college, or the workforce. I will explore ways to bring additional resources into our schools to begin the process of exposing our children to as many career opportunities as possible during their K-12 experience. We will help cultivate passion and vision for their future as they near graduation and make really fun, important decisions about college or trade school programs or immediate entry into the workforce.

Our schools must be fully resourced. I believe teachers need access to the best training opportunities to ensure they create an environment in which our children's success is guaranteed.

It is essential parents have a say in their child's education. We must continue to keep CRT and liberal bias out of our children's education. Our children must continue to be our priority.

I am Leigh Hulsey, and I am asking for your vote on May 24th to keep our schools strong.

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