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Updated: Apr 29, 2022

There is a potential upcoming world food crisis, and farmers have always been important, but it looks like they could be playing an even more significant role in the lives of everyday people.

Agriculture is Alabama's largest industry and is the economic engine for communities in every corner of our state, including here in District 15. As your State Representative, I will be an unwavering advocate of farmers, cattlemen, and everyone in the forestry arena.

I will fight mindless regulations and red tape and stand up for family farmers. I support and encourage our federal representation from Alabama to repeal the Death Tax, as it is a grave threat to Alabama's family farms.

Farmers in our district have been tending to the land for generations, and they don't need bureaucrats telling them how to earn their livelihood.

Modern agriculture requires advanced technology and equipment, some of which require high-speed broadband internet service. Unfortunately, Alabama ranks nearly last in the nation regarding broadband connectivity. I will be a persistent supporter of efforts to expand affordable broadband service to Alabama.

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