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My parents raised me to appreciate the fulfillment of a hard day's work. I will work tirelessly to continue creating an environment where job creators can do what they do best. As an owner of two small businesses, I understand the importance of job creation and what it takes to be a successful job creator.

We need the government to get out of the way by cutting overbearing regulations and supporting lower taxes that enhance Alabama's economic competitiveness.

After being forced to close, I fought hard to reopen my business and keep other businesses open during the early days of the pandemic. I'm ready to continue my fight for small businesses, industry, farmers, and every Alabamian who works hard to put food on the table.

I understand that one of the biggest keys to a 21st-century economy is a 21st-century workforce. A report has stated that by 2025, we will need 500,000 new highly skilled workers to meet the demands of our ever-growing industry needs here in Alabama. While we are currently off the pace, I will lead our legislature to help meet this ambitious goal. In addition, today's students need to know about the plethora of opportunities available to them outside of a traditional college degree that will allow them to land high-paying jobs.

My name is Leigh Hulsey, and I am asking for your vote on May 24th.

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