Meet Leigh Hulsey

Candidate for State House District 73

Helena City Council Member

District 73 needs better roads, stronger schools, better protection for the unborn, a secured 2nd Amendment, low taxes, and unwavering support for our First Responders. The citizens of District 73 work hard to provide for their families, and I want to work hard for them.


I am Leigh Hulsey


I'm a conservative Christian and a life-long year resident of Shelby County. I grew up in Pelham and graduated from Pelham high school. And also an Auburn graduate. For the past 12 years, I have served on the Helena City Council and re-elected to my fourth term. I also have owned a small business in Alabaster for the past 9 years.


I've been married to Dennis for 24 years, and we have three wonderful children.


I am running for State House because the people in District 73 deserve a trustworthy and experienced leader representing them in Montgomery. 


I love serving and working with others, and I know I will win! I will outwork every candidate. I want the opportunity to serve at the State level because I believe my knowledge and my experience has prepared me for this. I know I can make a difference for my district. 


The things that are most important in our district are. Infrastructure, Schools, and Health


Infrastructure - I have experience with planning and funding road projects. And I intend to go to Montgomery and work hard to continue to see roads and funding for our contested cities improve. 


Schools - I have experience working with the Board of Education and developers, successfully planning and funding school construction and athletic facilities. While our schools are great, there's always room for improvement in training the next generation of leaders. It is more important than ever that we work to improve broadband access for our students and adults working from home. I will see that our children's educational experience is better preparing them for the workforce. 


Health - The overall health of our citizens is critical to the overall health of our community. It has been my professional daily focus for 9 years. There's a lot of work to be done regarding mental health and ensuring people have access to what is needed.


Again, my name is Leigh Hulsey, and I am asking for your VOTE on March 30th!

The citizens of District 73 work hard to provide for their families, and I want to work hard for them.

Leigh Hulsey

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